Stories by "Mike"


Many of you have read the "Mike" stories and letters on this website. After many years, "Mike" and I reconnected, and he wrote a series of stories about a fictional cowboy fraternity in west Texas. I'll be posting them as they are finalized.

The New Series:


1. The Water Tower, Part 1

2. The Water Tower, Part 2

3. Woody, Part 1

4. Woody, Part 2

5. Justy and Coach Mac

6. Pledging Wranglers, Part 1

7. Pledging Wranglers, Part 2

8. Grady Pledges Delts

The Old Series:

Letter No 1 from Mike

Letter No 2 from Mike

Letter No 3 from Mike

Mike - First Story Published in Drummer

Mike - Second Story Published in Drummer

Breaking A Boy - Published in Drummer

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