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Official Punishment Summons Documents

This page will generate an official-looking summons informing a boy that he is to be punished and ordering him to report for the punishment. The resulting document can be printed or saved and sent by email.

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Title of Summons 
Boy's Name 
Boy's Email Address 
Report to (Punisher) 
Punisher's Email Address 
Punisher's Alternate Contact Info 
Date and Time of Punishment 
Location of Punishment Facility 
Directions to Punishment Facility 
Type of Punishment to be Administered 
Instrument(s) to be Used 
Punishment Parameters (e.g., Number of Licks) 
Attire During Punishment 
Position for Punishment 
Severity Level of Punishment 
Punishment Objectives - Intended Effects on Boy 
Punishment Rules in Effect 
Penalty for Violation of Punishment Rules 
Bondage to be Used, if any 
Instructions for Before the Session 
Attire boy to appear in 
Additional clothing or other items boy is to bring for his own use 
Items the boy is ordered to provide to punisher
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