Vintage CP Contact Magazines

This page provides a view of old CP contact advertisements in the 1980s, long before the internet. This is the first of a series, based on old magazines given to me by a friend. The contact source featured this time is Lashmates, which operated as a sort of membership registry of male-male CP afficinados, with single listings and back issues provided to new members. The owner/operator held the contact list and relayed replies. Replying to an ad required sending a letter with the envelope enclosed in a larger envelope, addressed to the operator/referral service, which then forwarded the inner letter to the member you wished to contact. Six issues are presented here. Click the picture of the front of an edition to bring up the corresponding PDF document, then scroll down to read it. There is also an icon to click to download it to your computer.

Here Are a Few Issues of Lashmates from the mid-1980s

March 1984 June 1984 Sept 1984
Dec 1984 March 1985 June 1985

Be patient. These scan PDF documents are large files and may take a moment to load.

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