Of Historical Interest

Excerpt from Beating Ass,
an old video from Sandmutopia*

Digitized from VHS by the
Leather Archives & Museum

Use controls on video window to pause it, restart it, etc.

 *  NOTES:
  • Doing archeology on my computer, I came across this clip from the old video Beating Ass, which was released around 1989. I had a VHS version of the full video decades ago but had long since given it away without bothering to digitize it. The clip is primarily of historical interest. The action shown is less than stimulating; the licks in the spanking demonstration were disappointingly light and some strokes were delivered to parts of the ass that more experienced tops would avoid. But for the era, it was an interesting effort; the dungeon context was appealing and guys in it were hot.
  • Beating Ass was produced by Sandmutopia University which also published Sandmutopia Guardian, a part of Desmodus Inc. which published Dungeon Master and owned and published the Drummer family of magazines. Tony DeBlase, who wrote under the pseudonym Fledermaus, owned and edited Drummer from 1986 to 1992.
  • The video began with a rather boring didactic "how to" about beating ass. The demonstration from which the present clip was extracted comprised the second half of the video. I recall that in the full demonstration, the bottom challenged the top 3 or 4 times claiming "Marine Corps couldn't break me", and other such lines to goad him on. I also remember a nice scene in which the top tore a pair of tight white briefs off the bottom revealing his callipygous butt. These parts were not retained in this abridged clip created by the Leather Archives & Museum.
  • The Leather Archives & Museum, the Chicago-based organization that digitized, edited and re-released this video, is dedicated to the compilation, preservation, and maintenance of materials related to leather, kink, and fetish lifestyles. Their museum galleries provide educational and historical materials to an adult audience. Their reading library and archive support researchers and community members in accessing materials and documentation relevant to the history and culture of leather. See www.leatherarchives.org.
  • Sandmutopia University also sold BDSM-related merchandise. I have a very effective, short, hardwood frat-style paddle I got from them that's emblazoned with their logo. Unfortunately the branding iron appears to have slipped, resulting in blurring most of the lettering for the word 'Sandmutopia'. This disappointing minor flaw notwithstanding, the paddle has served me well for around 25 years. See picture.

  • I used to own a few of the thin blue marine signal paddles of the type used in the video. I got them at a marine supply discount store on Commercial Street in Provincetown around 1992. They had an interesting feel, not very severe. Despite my being careful using them, they eventually broke.
  • I reprocessed the MP4 file for this video to remove as much noise as possible. I had limited success: there's less noise than when I got it, but it's still a bit of a distraction. In particular, the percussive sound of the licks tends to reduce the noise for a few milliseconds but it gradually returns to the pre-impact level. This is probably an anomaly of the noise-reduction circuitry in the equipment used to shoot the original video. If you wish to view The Leather Archives & Museum's version prior to my edit, click this link. Click here to see a re-edited version with music replacing the noisy soundtrack. There was little I could do to fix the poor-quality video.

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